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"We have to get to the root to produce good fruit."

About Me

I became a counselor to serve others, and help them discover the power that already resides within them. Faith, family (relationships) & finances are where my heart resides. I have learned that life is a journey, not a destination.  All it takes is clarity, certainty, and a whole lot of discipline and that’s where I come in to help guide you.


Having to experience homelessness, being in abusive relationships, and going without, these experiences have allowed me to overcome many trials and tribulations. I have learned to operate out of love rather than out of my past pain. My desire is to help others do the same. When we are intentional in discovering the greatest versions of ourselves it is then we are able to walk on purpose, with purpose, for a purpose. There is true beauty in life when we use the tools that got us through past trials to bless others and be the light in someone else darkness.


I look forward to helping you awaken the giant that already resides within and awaits you. This is where it all begins. The time is NOW and the destination is upward and forward. Book your session with me today!





About The Book 



My Quest is a journey for readers to embark on. The author asks that the readers implement minor yet major changes and adjustments into their daily routines to help them become at least one percent better today than they were yesterday.


This book will not only allow you to have a better insight into who you are but will also give you a deeper look into the author and the methods she has used to get through the trials and tribulations of her own life.


It will also equip you with tools to win your day and love with purpose, on purpose, for a purpose. Nicole believes our deepest pain or our inadequacies are simultaneously where our purposes are birth.

She personally began her quest at the root and that meant facing rejection from her father. That rejection led her to pain which then became the scars that she had carried around for many years and ultimately inevitably sabotaged

many of her relationships. The traumas: rejection, pain and scars she endured formed into insecurities, fears, and aspirations to control everything and anything around her.


She then came to a season where she felt as though she needed to come up with a game plan to present to herself when she was feeling depressed, less than, not enough, or plain out hopeless. Through that journey ‘My Quest” was birthed.


She called her journey back to the basics. She was on a quest, for her truth, her happiness.


She eventually realized that it was always the simple basic task that she would apply to her daily routine which would turn a good day into a great day. She began walking the talk and seeing grand changes in her own life as she put in the hard work.


With her newfound clarity, certainty, consistency, and discipline she began to experience a grand shift in all areas in her life, within her faith, her family, her fitness, and in her finances.


Nicole’s desire is to help others re-illuminate the fire within them and remind them how loved and worthy they are just as they are!


Experience You Can Trust

  Complimentary 15 min. Consultation 

Let's talk about an area of your interest. Faith, Family Fitness, Finances & Facials are what I am proficient in. It all matters, and most importantly you matter! 

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Wholeness and purpose is the ultimate goal. Life is a journey to embrace not a destination to reach. We're all learning and growing so give yourself space for grace, you deserve it.

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